What makes NorDan unique?

At NorDan, we have built a reputation for our exceptional quality and high performance windows and doors. But what makes them so unique? 



We like our windows to be a ‘fit it and forget it’ type of invention. This starts right at the factory during the manufacturing process and our windows are then delivered ready assembled, meaning nothing gets lost on site and so delays are avoided in having to wait for replacement missing parts.

With rising energy costs and the environment in mind, they are designed to be energy efficient and we provide a complete range of passive rated windows with highly efficient glazing, using a special process where we split the sash and frame and insert insulation to establish a thermal barrier.   

Our windows feature two step tightening to allow water drainage in bad weather, whereas standard windows on the market only have one step tightening which means if there are cracks in the surface finish, water can be driven through the window into the building.



We only use top quality Nordic pine, sourced from sustainably managed forests. Our timber is vacuum treated, which strengthens the windows’ resistance to fungi and rot and is part of the reason we provide a 20-year warranty for our timber windows and a 30-year warranty for our aluminium clad timber windows. Not only that, but because we use high quality extruded aluminium for our windows, it leaves a very hard and robust surface and so our powder coated aluminium cladding is virtually maintenance free.



Safety and security are two of our biggest priorities in the design of our products. Our windows are some of the industry’s most secure and we know this because they have been developed over decades of continuous production. You can be sure that our StormGuard window, for example, with 7 locking points will keep would-be burglars out as well as keeping valuables safe inside. They are fitted with removable handles for peace of mind and are safe for children and in the event of fire, have safe and secure ventilation.

As our windows are designed to European standards for window performance and enduring harsh winters and hot summers, they far exceed UK requirements for severe weather exposure – in fact, they’re hurricane proof. 

We have developed our products over 90 years of intense and committed research and development in Norway and our commitment to quality is unrivalled. With constant attention to detail, we’re always challenging ourselves to do better to manufacture the best products that we can. 

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