More about the sectors we specialise in...


At NorDan, we operate in many sectors, all with different criteria for our window and door products due to each sector’s differing projects. 


The Private Rental Sector

Within the private rental sector, it’s important that our products have a 60-year life cycle, are high performance but also low maintenance. Affordable housing also requires the same criteria; a 60-year life cycle, to be low maintenance and high performance but they also require security and sustainability.  Security is one of our biggest priorities in our window design – decades of continuous production and innovation have ensured that our products are some of the industry’s most secure.


With all housing and rental builds, it’s imperative that our products are long-lasting, avoiding the need to be replaced for many years therefore minimising disruption to tenants and providing value to house owners. Likewise, both our identified market segments of off-site manufacturing and holiday homes have the same criteria; 60-year life cycle, to be low maintenance but high performance.


Highlands and Islands

Island projects require weather performance in our products due to the extreme weather and being exposed to the elements such as strong winds and salty sea air. Our windows and doors are designed to European standards for window performance, so far exceed UK requirements for severe weather exposure. They are even hurricane proof.  Our windows feature two step tightening to allow water drainage in bad weather, whereas standard windows on the market only have one step tightening which means if there are cracks in the surface finish, water can be driven through the window into the building. Products also require to be high performance and low maintenance; our fit-it-and-forget-it windows fit the bill perfectly for this purpose.



A common theme among our segments is a requirement for low maintenance windows and doors. As we use high quality extruded aluminium for our windows, it leaves a very hard and robust surface and so our powder coated aluminium cladding is virtually maintenance free.


Exclusive builders require good Norwegian window design, high rise performance and U-value thermal performance for their projects. The timber we use (from top quality Nordic pine) is vacuum treated, which strengthens the windows’ resistance to rot and fungi and is part of the reason we provide 20 and 30 year warranties for our windows.  


While each of our market segments are different, there is some crossover between them in the criteria they expect from our products and due to our Norwegian window design and innovation, we are able to meet these requirements, no matter what the market is.