Key features of NorDan windows and doors


At NorDan our windows and doors are constantly going through a continual design process to achieve the best possible performance and value.

The key features of our products are: 

  • Energy efficient – we provide a complete range of passive rated windows with highly efficient glazing, using a special process where we split the sash and frame and insert insulation to establish a thermal barrier.
  • Minimal maintenance bills – NorDan have over 5 million windows in use with minimal callbacks.
  • 60-year life expectancy providing excellent value to the consumer.
  • Our designs are both user friendly and environmentally friendly.



We believe these are the key principles of good window design:

  • Shape of the profile of the window, position of the weather seal, drain and ventilated design principles, glazing construction, surface treatment, preservative treatment
  • Two step tightening in our window design to allow water drainage in bad weather - most windows have one step tightening – if there are cracks in the surface finish and no secondary barrier, ‘pumping’ will occur, which drives water through the window into the building
  • Sound reduction glass as standard with our NTech 1.2 windows
  • Windows with ironmongery located behind the main weather seal, meaning it is less exposed to weather conditions, airborne pollutants and debris, resulting in less maintenance issues. This is particularly effective in areas with saltwater corrosion as a problem.
  • Top swing, side swing and side hung outward opening windows have enhanced sealing as standard. This improves our product U-value, sound reduction and water tightness.