NorDan Exhibits at Norway’s Largest Building Expo

Bygg Reis Deg is Norway’s by far largest construction business exhibition in Hall B, and has for years been an important arena for our Norwegian parent company. This year is no different, and these are some highlights of what will be shown at this years show.

The theme for NorDan’s presence this year is complete freedom. They might only be two insignificant words in themselves, but they summarise NorDan’s presence and offering in the Norwegian market very well.

You can view the time lapse video of our Norwegian team building the exhibition stand on our Facebook page here.


The complete supplier

NorDan is well known for its NTech range of products, which has been a part of large and small commercial and residential projects in Norway since the mid 1960’s. But NTech is only the beginning of the story. Exterior doorsets, external and internal sun shading and electronic lock systems are also important parts of what makes NorDan a complete supplier of windows and doors. In addition, a new range of products made entirely in aluminium will be introduced. This extension also makes it easier for the customer to get a complete range of products, from a single supplier.


Freedom to use

Having a wide range of products usually isn’t enough, if the customer isn’t able to choose and customise the different solutions. Providing freedom of choice is providing the flexibility to choose from different performance like U-value, glazing options and transoms and mullions. It is also about showcasing all the different options of handles, colour choices and accessories making the windows as customised and bespoke as possible.