Smart window design


Smart technology utilising solar panels into window design - the smart approach!

NorDan is developing a highly innovative renewable energy heating system, which uses solar panels in the window frames to heat water systems. The demonstration house show is using the windows in a south facing elevation.

Parameters such as cost effectiveness, functional quality, reliability, durability, service needs, ecological soundness and recyclability included in the models have all featured as elements tested in the studies. A large case study has been undertaken primarily testing the commercial viability of new polymer solar collectors compared with traditional materials used such as copper, aluminium and steel.

NorDan Solar system has a longer lifespan than previous systems and is proved in an academic study (ref Study of Prof Bo Karlson and Dr Helena Persson, Linnaeus University Kalmar). The absorption materials are made of PPS, a plastic which can withstand very high temperatures and is ultimately recyclable. The connecting tubes and processor are made from XLPE with connections made from PPSU, also long lived materials. Wall panels like these require less square meterage than roof panels, given the reduced solar radiation. With the height of the sun in the summer months, it avoids overproduction of heat at a time of year when you need it least. This is a great example of a multifunctional façade - which is good for economics and for the environment. Potential install cost approx. 30k nok. Including the tank.

Both Aventa solar collectors and the NorDan solar window have passed the tests at the ITW in Stuttgart. Quality controlled through the German Industry Standard (DIN). Has been awarded the Solar Keymark certificate (LOGO). the European Quality mark for solar thermal products.