Smart technology at NorDan


NorDan is famous for our innovation in product design, engineering and development. So no surprises that two major new products in development for our smart range. The SMART door prototype is already in the process of testing for a launch into the UK market in 2016.

Future doors have no keys but every other security aspect you would expect. The NorDan Smart door allows for remove working - it can be locked using a key fob or from your smart phone app. The NorDan Smart door will be able to alert your mobile phone when someone "rings" at your door, will let you "see" who is there, talk to the caller, and let the caller into your home remotely from your mobile phone. And not just smart thinking, but smart looking! The new SMART technology will let you turn your house alarm on and off, a camera with wide angle lens and high resolution can record who was at the door, log any entry calls and allow you to talk to whoever is at the door, whether you are in the house or away, from your mobile phone.