StormGuard by NorDan

Category 5 hurricane proof window - The only truly unique window in the world

 Managing director Alex Brown with Craig Greenwood

From Generation to Generation - a history we are very proud of

NorDan windows and doors are manufactured in Norway by NorDan AS. The company was founded in 1926 by Johannes Rasmussen, grandfather of current managing director Tore Rasmussen. The StormGuard window was designed and developed and is manufactured in Moi - location of NorDan's headquarters. Over 5 million StormGuard windows have been produced since 1962 with very little maintenance or call backs, making it one of the most robust products on the market today. 


Hurricane proof 

Wind pressure tested beyond 197mph - the only truly unique window in the world. Certified at 4800 Pascals, the StormGuard window is Category 5 hurricane force weather resistant. With an expected service life of over 60 years, the StormGuard window by NorDan is the perfect answer for your high rise building project. 


Tough resistance 

The StormGuard window offers the best break-in protection on the market, with seven independent locking points. Professional thieves know to choose the easiest way to get in, if they encounter a difficult window, they prefer to go elsewhere. The glass is glued to the frame and cannot be removed from the outside. 


Minimal maintenance 

Advanced and easy to use. The StormGuard window tilts for everyday ventilation and turns to allow access to the outside glass for easy cleaning safely from the inside. The window has three handles and seven solid locking points. All ironmongery is located safely behind the weather seal gasket for better weather performance. 


Safe and Secure 

Safety is important, but for NorDan safety is much more than just keeping intruders out. Equally important is to ensure smart solutions make you safe inside. By fitting child safety restrictors, small children are prevented from opening the window accidentally. Everything is included in all out products, with safety being paramount.  

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