TopTech reversible windows

With well balanced ironmongery, you can be assured that the TopTech window from NorDan is the perfect product for your project

The TopTech topswing window offers many possibilities for your project. Larger windows are no problem with NorDan's own hardware, the TopTech hinge, providing a weight capacity of up to 80Kg. Added safety is provided with the integrated locking mechanism found on the hinge, restricting the window to the ventilation position unless the restrictor is overridden. 


TopTech features

Safe Cleaning  

The TopTech topswing window from NorDan rotates the sash from outside the property, meaning that the sash does not protrude into the property, clashing with curtains, blinds or ornaments and plants on the window cill. The sash then locks into a safe cleaning position, enabling you to clean the exterior glass safely whilst the sash is locked into position. 


Simple Ironmongery 

Well balanced ironmongery ensures that the sash rotates within the frame for safe cleaning within the property and securely locks the sash into position. The TopTech topswing window introduces simple shoot rods and NorDan's own sophisticated child safe hinges to provide you with an elegant window with easy to use operation. 


Secure Night Ventilation  

NorDan’s fully reversible topswing window comes with an integrated night vent position as standard. Located in the frame itself, the restrictor secures the sash into the frame with the use of slip bolts, providing ventilation to the property during the evenings whilst maintaining security.    


Optional Aluminium Cladding 

Aluminium cladding not only finishes off a great product but also prolongs the products life cycle by 20 years! The cladding on the face of the window enables the timber to breathe and acts as a weather barrier, taking the brunt of the harsh weather conditions typically found in the UK.                                                                                                                                         


Safe and Secure 

Safety is important, but for NorDan safety is much more than just keeping intruders out. Equally important is to ensure smart solutions make you and your family safe inside - Located on the right hand hinge of the TopTech fully reversible window is an integrated child safety restrictor which locks the hinge to operate in the ventilation position only. With added Secured by Design certification, you can be assured that the TopTech fuly reversible protects you and your home.

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