Responsibility and diversity

We are leading the way as a responsible, safe and efficient company and leading employer. We develop the team and the individual employees are seen as role models.

We have developed a set of ethical business practices that describes our ethical standards.

The working environment in NorDan will be characterised by prosperity, opportunity for personal and professional development, low absenteeism and a low number of injuries. In NorDan, we promote health built on the support of our occupational health. Our goal is satisfied customers, therefore we must also have satisfied employees.

Our values describe what NorDan stands for and how we want our customers and partners to perceive us.

  • We are trustworthy and, through words and actions, be perceived as service minded and professional.
  • We take responsibility and deliver what we promise.
  • We make it easy.
  • We are open, inclusive and accessible. It should be easy for our customers and partners to connect with the right employee at NorDan.
  • We are honest and direct, and work with customers and suppliers based on mutual respect.
  • We control with initiative and sense. We discuss. We decide. We deliver.

NorDan is continuously working on improvements. Improvement of products, working conditions and the belief that our solutions and our work contributes to a better environment and hence a better world.